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Vicky was got to stress to keep working…

Thursday, June 28th, 2007


Instead of working, hot secretary Vicky has called her boyfriend over to the office to provide her with some distraction. The two quickly got naked and her boyfriend started licking her clit around her thin black thong. Then the pulls her thong off to get a nice look at her hot, tanned ass. She hops up on the table and he goes to work eating her out, running his tongue up and down her clit and making her moan in pleasure. Vicky loves it! In return, she runs her hands up and down his cock, licking it with her pierced tongue while touching her large tits.

Lorena was explaining to John and Mason everything…

Thursday, June 14th, 2007


Lorena was explaining to John and Mason everything the three of them will need to do to close the deal with a new client, but John and Mason have a deal of their own to close with her! These two have been eyeing the redhead for quite some time, and they can’t wait to fuck her any longer. Lorena doesn’t need any convincing, and she’s soon on the conference room table sucking Mason’s dick while John eats her out. Then John gets a blowjob while Mason spanks her ass and fingers her clit. Finally, Mason pushes her down on the conference table and fucks her tight twat! They certainly made Lorena a deal she couldn’t refuse!